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Pirke LP Frames are specially designed high quality wooden frames to display your finest records.


Now you can display those great looking recordsleeves in a
Pirke LP Frame and create your own record gallery.

Great artists have designed beautiful record sleeves over the years.
We play our cd’s nowadays and cherish our record collection.
Here you have a safe and easy way to give your records a second life
and turn them partly into smart-wall-art.

‘Pirke’ features:
• made of high quality wood
• colours: White, Black, Brown (ChoChi)
• solid wood construction (no veneer)
• protected by 2mm clear glass front
• Designed for Maximum viewing Area
• Hardboard backside with attached clippings
• comes in a special cardboard box

‘Pirke LP Frames are more than one inch deep,
so you can either frame a single or double album without a problem.
It’s easy to remove the backside, put the record in and then replace the board. Easy to change, so something new on the wall every time.

Order your Pirke here